The annual changing of the smoke alarm batteries

A lot of awareness is raised during October when Fire Prevention Week occurs.  People are encouraged to change their home’s smoke alarms.  This is a good idea.  What is better is to time the changing of the batteries during a major annual event in the household.

When more toys used to use 9 volt batteries, put fresh batteries in the smoke alarms and use the ones from the smoke alarms to power all the new toys given at a birthday or holiday party.  Now the toys all seem to prefer AAs.

My son was born on Oct 20.  Now that is my reminder to change my batteries each year.  When he was born, we put in all new smoke alarms.  The batteries get changed around his birthday.

He turns five this year.  That is the reminder to buy new smoke alarms.  Every five years on the 5, 10, 15 and 20.  I really don’t care if the manufacturer says they’ll last 10 years; I’m good with the price of a smoke alarm over the cost of a home fire.

And yes, all my smoke alarms are powered, interconnected and have battery backup.

Oh, and they are smoke alarms because they sense and ring in the same place.  A smoke detector senses in one place and rings in another – usually used in commercial buildings.