IAEM 2011 Conference Speaker Submittal

IAEM: The Stakes are High conference logoThe International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) conference in November 2011 has put out a call for speakers.  The deadline of February 25 is fast approaching.  I decided to pitch a 1 hour breakout session loosely based on the course I teach at GWU.  Below is what I sent in.  Let me know your thought and make suggestions.


Technology should be made simple.  Emergency Mangers are constantly being pitched new technology, and it can be hard for a non-technologist to separate out the sales pitch from the core available technologies.  During this session, Keith will outline the various connectivity options to move voice and data inside a disaster zone.  Information will be presented on amateur radio, business radio, public safety radio, cellular, satellite and land-line services; while highlighting the pros and cons for mobile, rapid deploy and fixed sites. 


The goal is to

  • equip the EM with a stronger understand of the options based on the experiences of a technology practioner and peer CEM;
  • enlighten EMs to connectivity options they may not have considered before; and
  • promote the concept that technology can be simplified so don’t accept complex explanations.

Three things the audience will learn

  • Sales people make technology sound beyond their understanding when it isn’t. 
  • The options available are simply variations off a few basic methods of connectivity. 
  • The concept of PACE is easy to use for planning.  (Humm… PACE… there’s another blog post to be written.)


As a final note, I was asked to submit a draft PowerPoint file of the presentation.  While I created a file, I did note that I hate death by PowerPoint and will not subject others to it.