Cuba: Introduction

I was given the chance to participate in a mission trip for an eight-person team from St. Matthews United Methodist Church in Virginia to go to a Methodist Church in Santa Clara, Cuba.  We were told that it was a little painting and some masonry work.  It turned out to be heavy work busting reinforced concrete out with hand tools.

I’m going to devote a section of my blog to writing about my experiences.  There are too many little stories that I don’t want to lose and want to share.  These are all my perspective and how I feel from a limited exposure to the people of Cuba.  I will try to post these as often as time allows.  The experience was wonderful and look forward to the day of open relationships so I can bring my family to meet Pastor Yordi’s family and the work I did.

Today, I can say that I have gone to Cuba, touched the foundation of a church so it can expand, and been touched by God in a most unexpected way.