Pastor Yordi

Pete (l) and Pastor Yordi (r)

Pastor Yordi is a man who has a vision, a will to make it happen and a faith that it will happen.  I was told that the Cuban people have a philosophy of “God is busy. He will provide for me when He has time.”

Yordi bought the rebar for this project two years ago.  He was criticized for the purchase since he did not have government approval for the project.  Yordi’s response was simple: when we have the approval, there will be no rebar available.  He was right.  Approval for the project was granted the week before we arrived.  All the materials were waiting for our arrival because of his forthought.

Yordi provided some insight into his past.  His father believe in the communist/socialist way and was training him to be in the electrical or construction trade.  Yordi didn’t take that path and became a Minister.  His father was very angry and said “God stole my son.”  Yordi left all that behind him and doesn’t carry the baggage; he looks forward to a blessed future.

The Bishop asked Yordi when he will stop building.  His response is that he’s a reformer and will fix everything he sees broken.

I was also told of a story of a young man in jail.  He was sentenced to a long prison time.  The man’s mother asked Yordi to minister to him in prison.  Yordi prayed with the man every week.  The church did a collection to give him a phone card so the man could call his mother.  They prayed for him.  One day, the young man called Yordi for money to go home.  Papers came through to release the man.  Yordi never asked why the man was put in jail.  Yordi never found out how the man got out.  Yordi only cared for the man’s future.  The man has since found God.  He found a woman and child he never knew about – and married her to start the family.

Pastor Yordi is a strong man.  He lifted me up on his shoulders like a shepherd does to his sheep; and proceeded to spin me around.  This has never been done in my adult life.

We will all meet again one day.  I hope in Cuba so I can share his home with others.  Definitely in heaven.