Flood Humor

A local faith group held a disaster preparedness fair to encourage everyone to be ready in case the nearby river flooded the town.  One of the church going ladies said “No thanks. I have faith that God will keep me safe.”

Inevitably, the river flooded in the spring.  The mayor called for an evacuation of the area.  A truck drove by the chuch lady’s home to assist her.  She called to them, “No thanks, God will keep me safe.”

The river waters rose to her home, and she moved up to the 2nd floor of her home.  A boat came by to rescue here.  She turned them away, “No thanks, God will rescue me.”

The water rose even more.  She sat on the roof of her home and prayed.  A helicopter came down to rescue her.  She waived them off, “No thanks, God will save me.”

The water washed her away and she drown.  Standing before God, she said “What happened?  I put my faith in you and you let me down.”  God look at her and said, “I sent people to help get you prepared.  When the flood came, I sent you a truck, boat and helicopter.  You turned them away.”