Hurricanes Ike and Irene … what’s up with the “I” storms?

Hurricane Isabel tore up my dock.  Hurricane Ike led us on a chase across the Gulf coast.  Now Hurricane Irene is doing the same up the East coast.  These crazy “I” storms.

I trust the professionals at the National Hurricane Center.  While I do look at the model predictions and make my guesses, it is just me gaming the system.  I don’t know what the models represent or which ones are more accurate.  So I just rely on the NHC predictions.  That said, Emergency Management needs to be prepared for these storms even if they’re not in the path.  It’s a sad no-win situation for most EMs.  If they prepared and it doesn’t hit, they’re tagged for wasting money.  If they don’t prepare and it does hit; they’re tagged as incompetent.  The sweet spot in the middle is very small.

Attached is a slide deck that I use in class to expose students to the changing path of Hurricane Ike.  Nothing beats real life examples.

Hurr Ike Track