Sharing hurricane prep information with neighbors

Here is a copy of the notice I posted to my neighborhood board encouraging folks to get ready for Hurricane Irene.  Feel free to copy and use as you see fit.

Hi neighbors,

I’ve been on some conference calls today and let me just tell you that Hurr Irene is the real deal. Even coastal locals are getting out of the way — and that’s a big omen. While we may be spared a direct strike, it will be worth your time to take a few minutes to be prepared.

Contact your loves ones to ensure you have the most recent contact information. Agree on two or three ways to stay in touch. Ex: home phone, cell phone, text messaging, email, carrier pigeon … whatever. The important thing is to know where to look for each other, and when you’ll reach out to each other again.

Consider registering on Red Cross Safe & Well where people can search for each other without needing to make a direct contact. Especially good when communication systems are strained. More info at

Walk your yard and pick up any loose items. Flower pots, garbage cans, lawn chairs, fallen branches. Winds will pick these items up and toss them into your home, glass windows/doors, cars and people. Move these items inside or at least tie them down.

Keep your cell phone charging when you are not using it. Either at home or in the car. This ensures you have a full charge when the power goes out.

Fill your car’s gas tank. When there is no power, many gas pumps won’t work even if the station still has gas.

Get a case of bottled water and check that you have a three days supply of non-refridgerated food. The power may be knocked out which can have you lose the items in your refridgerator, but I don’t expect this storm to totally knock out the supply lines to the stores.

Check that you have can get weather and news. An FM radio for WTOP. A NOAA weather radio. Smart phones have apps for these — so long as you have cell service.

The full Red Cross checklist is at


Keith Robertory
Kristin Lane