#IAEM Tweets

@AnaheimCERT gave me a great idea to use TweetDoc.org to capture all the tweets for the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) conference.  There were so many tweets over the conference that I had to make a series of documents. 

Each document is the end of the date range.  So, Nov 14 is really all the tweets up to but not including Nov 14.  It starts at midnight and goes backwards.  While reading chronologically backwards isn’t my preference, it’s a limitation of the service.  Who am I to complain about a free service?

I’m going to use this record of the tweets to write up a summary of the conference to share with specific people in my office.  It will do two things: First, justify my attendance.  Second, show the importance of being on Twitter to monitor developing situations.

In my initial review of all of these, I’m seeing more than 140 people using the #IAEM hashtag in their tweets.  The search for #IAEM also picked up #IAEM11 and #IAEMetc.  It is important to note here that a number of these people were not even attending but monitoring and retweeting from elsewhere.  That’s the power of social media.