IAEM conference summed up by Twitter

I’ve reviewed the tweets during the IAEM Conference in an effort to pull out the ones that best flavor the conversations occuring in the sessions.  This is a step beyond the capture that is documented here.  Instead of a normal summary of the conference that I’d provide to share learning with others, this time I’m letting Twitter do the talking.  Here’s my list of tweets.  Let me know if you think I missed some.


Personally I think EM’s would be better served by taking business and marketing/sales coursework #IAEM :: 13-Nov-11 19:07 | TheFireTracker2

Doc Lumpkins: “The hardest part of PPD-8 will actually be on the Federal side as they try to play better together.” #IAEM :: 13-Nov-11 17:41 | KRobertoryIAEM

Dan Matthews (Cmte over Stafford Act): “All authorizations are same or smaller. Want something new? Must cut something else out.” #IAEM :: 13-Nov-11 17:28 | KRobertoryIAEM

@FEMA’s Williams: “Must pay attention & advocate fully on all legislation, even if won’t pass. Hill is cyclical so it will return.” #IAEM :: 13-Nov-11 17:13 | TheFireTracker2

Key take away: Disasters need better lobbyists 🙂 :: 13-Nov-11 17:31 | TheFireTracker2

Serino pushing that FEMA is just “part of the team” # :: 14-Nov-11 16:44 | mattyhoch

FEMA’s Think Tank forum, to promote innovation, & facilitate discussions with you. http://t.co/NrRV40L3 #femathinktank #SMEM #IAEM :: 14-Nov-11 16:45 | CraigatFEMA

#IAEM Citizen Corps Factoid: 48% of indivs expect to rely on their neighborhood in a disaster. :: 14-Nov-11 16:47 | Citizen_Corps

Dep Adm Richard Serrino giving keynote at #IAEM. “Can FEMA handle this?” “Not if these other agencies weren’t here. Can’t do it alone.” :: 14-Nov-11 16:48 | lynncrabb

At #IAEM #Serino citing importance of private sevtor in bringing communities back from disaster :: 14-Nov-11 16:51 | awareforum

At #IAEM #Serino says private industry belongs in your EOC ignore your lawyers who say you can’t :: 14-Nov-11 16:54 | awareforum

#iaem if lawyers are hired related to EM, their mandate is to get us to yes, not create barriers :: 14-Nov-11 16:55 | JohnMSaunders

The goal is to have business operating and not to have govt. replace them in disasters. FEMA is trying to enable them to provide svc. #IAEM :: 14-Nov-11 16:58 | Eric_Holdeman

Serino @FEMA Dpty Admin: Citizens are commonly left out of response plans. Engage them; they’re important too! #IAEM :: 14-Nov-11 16:59 | KRobertoryIAEM

Who are the first responders? Really they are neighbors helping neighbors. Remember that when talking response. #iaem #smem social media! :: 14-Nov-11 17:01 | Eric_Holdeman

Only 3 States have not made Emergency declaration in 2011. #iaem its been a busy year but does that mean we are actually better prepared? :: 14-Nov-11 17:15 | JohnMSaunders

Look at our response from the survivors point of view, not yours…#IAEM11 #IAEM :: 14-Nov-11 17:17 | disaster_dave

FEMA Deputy Administrator Serino states….”we need to listen to survivors” Announces new initiative via think tanks to better listen #IAEM :: 14-Nov-11 17:18 | kevintsa

Good question at #IAEM on where is the funding for citizen involvement. Example of dwindling funding from Feds, yet Citizens are key. #smem :: 14-Nov-11 17:28 | Eric_Holdeman

All 12 billion dollar disasters, wx related. Total $35 billion, 1000 deaths #iaem :: 14-Nov-11 18:17 | maribelm360

At #iaem #usgs working to connect their sensors and warning systems to #smem this is a priority :: 14-Nov-11 18:51 | awareforum

Amanda Ripley: If you’re not addressing the myths, you can’t increase preparedness. #IAEM :: 14-Nov-11 20:55 | krobertory

Amand Ripley – Panic is a disaster myth. So are “first responders”. First on scene are the survivors. #IAEM :: 14-Nov-11 21:08 | cgaylord

Amanda Ripley: Just because survivors are “functioning” doesn’t mean they don’t need help. #IAEM :: 14-Nov-11 21:09 | KRobertoryIAEM

Amanda Ripley: people in crises respond to direct aggressive commands. “ugly language works”. #IAEM :: 14-Nov-11 21:16 | Dr_Nicholas

Amanda Ripley – Singapore used non-toxic smoke & explosion sound effects to launch an unannounced transit drill. Extreme exercising. #IAEM :: 14-Nov-11 21:30 | cgaylord

Practice your plan bc it will become part of your script your brain will play back during a disaster #iaem :: 14-Nov-11 21:43 | maribelm360

Business defines emergency differently–impact to financial bottom line, public image, disruption of operations, etc. #IAEM :: 14-Nov-11 22:15 | lynncrabb

Amateur Radio volunteers have skills beyond the radio. They can bring add’l skills to your response. @ARRL_EMCOMM #IAEM :: 14-Nov-11 22:17 | KRobertoryIAEM

Text-to-speech technology lets text-based messages push out through NFPA 72 in-building notification systems as voice. #IAEM :: 14-Nov-11 22:27 | cgaylord

Emergency Comm is important, use exsisting systems rather then trying to start your own, don’t reinvent the wheel. #IAEM :: 14-Nov-11 22:41 | meangreenmedic

“A Nation vulnerable to hazardous space weather — A Nation increasingly reliant on space weather services.” -Bill Murtagh #IAEM :: 14-Nov-11 23:00 | Jamaal_Folsom

At #iaem #cap is how to future-proof your alerting systems – ask for CAP when you buy systems – and in the U.S. Ask for #IPAWS compliant :: 14-Nov-11 23:10 | awareforum

Challenges in reaching whole community: shrinking budgets, limited resources, finding partnership opportunities #IAEM :: 14-Nov-11 23:41 | Citizen_Corps

IPAWS Public alerting feed isn’t ready, but I saw example at #IAEM. @CraigAtFEMA, when will it be available? #SMEM :: 15-Nov-11 16:42 | krobertory

Gordon Graham: Spent much time studying tragedy. Lawyers “handle” tragedy. Risk managers “study” tragedy. #IAEM :: 15-Nov-11 17:42 | KRobertoryIAEM

Gordon Graham: If you can identify the cause of tragedy, you can prevent tragedy through control measures. #IAEM :: 15-Nov-11 17:43 | KRobertoryIAEM

GG: there are multiple causes. Proximate cause should not drive mitigation efforts. Look for other causes. #IAEM :: 15-Nov-11 17:48 | UnivEmPrepNotes

GG : Ask: Do we have problems lying in wait and nobody’s addressing them? recipe for tragedy #IAEM :: 15-Nov-11 17:50 | UnivEmPrepNotes

Risk mgt Rule 1: There are no new ways to get in trouble. (History repeats) #IAEM :: 15-Nov-11 18:03 | meangreenmedic

Risk Mgt Rule 2: Although there are no new ways to get in trouble, there are better ways to stay out of it. #iaem :: 15-Nov-11 18:08 | meangreenmedic

Predictable is preventable, just take a look at all previous tragedies #iaem :: 15-Nov-11 18:11 | maribelm360

Gordon Graham: Public safety often say ignorance of the law is no defense. Same applies to us when we don’t learn & follow regs. #IAEM :: 15-Nov-11 19:15 | cgaylord

#IAEM. GG – memory markers are key (training). Similar to Amanda Ripley yesterday. :: 15-Nov-11 19:33 | jsan171

Gordon Graham: Navy Seals – every day is a training day. Not willey nilley training. Must be good. #IAEM :: 15-Nov-11 19:35 | KRobertoryIAEM

How big is #Twitter/#SocialMedia? Am in the first of 6 breakout sessions on the subject at the #IAEM conference … and it’s packed. :: 15-Nov-11 21:48 | MrBSquared

EM at universities is the fastest growing segment in the industry….makes sense, funding stream remains in tact. #iaem :: 15-Nov-11 21:48 | mattyhoch

NOAA using a wiki to let hospitals build weather guidebook they can tell their own story of what happened what they learned #IAEM #IAEMETC :: 15-Nov-11 21:58 | disaster_dave

Twitter allows you to listen in to the conversation that people are having about you. You can engage them. – @Alisha_Beth #IAEM :: 15-Nov-11 22:09 | KRobertoryIAEM

@Alisha_Beth: get ahead of #smem before the bus runs us all over. #IAEM :: 15-Nov-11 22:12 | Dr_Nicholas

Twitter is a broad situational awareness tool, in addition to engaging the community. – @Alisha_Beth #IAEM :: 15-Nov-11 22:18 | KRobertoryIAEM

@scba big difference between documenting lessons learned and training on lessons learned, right? #iaem :: 15-Nov-11 22:41 | mattyhoch

@Eric_Holdeman: tablets and handheld devices are the next generation, laptops and desktops are on their way out. #smem #IAEM :: 15-Nov-11 23:21 | Dr_Nicholas

“What would 9/11 have played out if Twitter existed?” @eric_holdeman #iaem :: 15-Nov-11 23:31 | densaer

If you’re using social media one-way, you may as well use a fax machine. It needs to be two-way. -@Eric_Holdeman #IAEM :: 15-Nov-11 23:34 | KRobertoryIAEM

About 60% of Haiti’s mobile infra stayed up after the Jan 2010 quake. mobile phone infra is more reliable than ppl give credit for #iaem :: 15-Nov-11 23:42 | densaer

Trust is built between people, not organizations. And it is built one person at a time. – @Eric_Holdeman #IAEM :: 15-Nov-11 23:56 | KRobertoryIAEM

Lucien Canton: We learn tactically from disasters, but often not strategically. #IAEM :: 16-Nov-11 00:03 | cgaylord

Social media allows communicating the small things that would never make news release but shows EM’s humanity. – @Eric_Holdeman #IAEM :: 16-Nov-11 00:04 | KRobertoryIAEM

“Social media barriers in the office? Death and retirement weeds out many problems.” – @Eric_Holdeman #IAEM :: 16-Nov-11 00:14 | KRobertoryIAEM

RT @KRobertoryIAEM: Need a good example of public EM twitter account and how to use it? Look at @LAFDtalk and @LAFD led by @BrianHumphrey. #IAEM :: 16-Nov-11 16:10 | LAFDtalk

#IAEM why should EM work with CHC ? They need to be up and running to help their clients, this keeps the hospitals from being over extended :: 16-Nov-11 17:30 | disaster_dave

the San Ramon app “dispatches” trained citizens when the emergency is at a public location and within 500 ft of patient based on GPS #iaem :: 16-Nov-11 17:35 | densaer

From the #IAEM conf, a reminder. The politics surrounding disaster can make or break carers & change history. We have 1 chance to do it rite :: 16-Nov-11 17:43 | RamseyCoEMHS

#IAEM Cmdr Denis says you have to “sniff” out your partners before the disaster happens. http://t.co/x4Pd2sBy :: 16-Nov-11 17:44 | seeleysue

EMs need to keep their electeds informed of key issues. #iaem :: 16-Nov-11 18:01 | scba

RT @densaer: NCS currently investigating how to get social media companies involved, not just traditional telecom companies. #iaem #smem :: 16-Nov-11 18:56 | hp_ems

FCC did not have response capability before Katrina. Relied on NCS, but they dont handle wireless. True lesson learned & changed. #IAEM :: 16-Nov-11 19:08 | cgaylord

Thanks to all who are tweeting the #iaem conference. It is appreciated by those of us who couldn’t make it this year. :: 16-Nov-11 19:26 | RentonEM

Charvet: the prettier your presentation is, the more likely it is you’re trying to hide something. No Powerpoints! #iaem :: 16-Nov-11 19:33 | scba

govn’t has the mandate to respond to emergencies, but pvt sector owns all the telecoms infra. Therefore, you must partner thruout. #iaem :: 16-Nov-11 19:38 | densaer

RT @cgaylord: Current 3yos & younger will never remember a time without video phones. How will that affect future messaging? #IAEM :: 16-Nov-11 22:13 | seeleysue

More GenYs graduating from HS & college with a degree, but most have never worked. Lack of practical workplace skills, but educated. #IAEM :: 16-Nov-11 22:15 | cgaylord

GenY are not tech savvy, they are tech dependent. Don’t know how technology works, but know they need it. #IAEM :: 16-Nov-11 22:34 | cgaylord