Poor communications can even be blamed for the Dark Ages

Communication is vital.  It is the passing of information from one person to another.  This information can be a thought, a request, a need … anything at all.

An interesting though was put forth about communications in a historical show about the Dark Ages in Europe: after the plague and the Viking hordes, there were not enough people left living in Europe near each other to share ideas and spark creativity.  The Renaissance had to wait until the population rebounded to create a density of shared ideas.  Hence, the lack of communication held back the advancement of European civilization after the fall of Rome until the Renaissance.

If there was an after-action report on Europe in the Dark Ages, the blame would have been placed on poor communications. I wonder when that will stop being the centuries-old excuse and AAR’s start to get more fine-tuned at finger pointing to problems.

I’m not trying to sell this product, but if you want to know the show was “The Dark Ages” by the History Channel.