My use of Social Media

The online life is an interesting place. In the real world you can geographically and chronologically separate the many circles of family and friends. We all know people who would shock, scare, insult, or otherwise not get along with other people we know. The unspoken — yet understood — social compact is to act within the norms of the group we are with. This is closely followed with not bringing these different groups together when the norms won’t mesh well. Yet, all these difference circles and norms are mashed together online.

I use a variety of social engagement platforms. The purpose of this page is to share how I use each and establish a personal social media policy. Everything posted is my own opinion, and I take personal responsibility for what I post. None of my online activities are an official source for any of my employers nor do they represent any view other than my own.

LinkedIn is my professional face. While not as open as a LION (LinkedIn Open Networker), I do believe connecting people together who may build off each other is powerful catalyst. Therefore, I’m fairly open to who link to there as long as have mostly positive impression of the person based on their profile. Don’t connect to me just to pitch a product; that’s annoying.  The real endorsement is those who I’ll recommend or introduce to others. It is turning into a great way for me to maintain and manage my professional contacts too. My LinkedIn URL is

Twitter is simply used as way to blast out a thought and have open conversations with people. I’m on Twitter as @KRobertory. Twitter isn’t an “I’ll follow you if you follow me type of place”. I watch people I find interesting, working on interesting things, or can bring unique & new perspective. I may or may not do the same for them. Do not be offended by who I follow or do not follow. Just because I follow someone doesn’t mean agree with them. Some people are followed for the other perspective. The lists are where you’ll find who I consider to be thought-generators in different topic areas. My Twitter URL is

Facebook is my personal and home life. This is my place to connect with people that know pretty well – now or in the past. Rekindling old friendships, staying in contact with people whom I’d otherwise lose touch with, and my personal circles. I share things with friends yet these are not necessarily appropriate for the workplace. No, not like that and stop thinking that way. My home life consists of all the regular duties when married and raising two young children. So, I’m rather restrictive on who I friend on Facebook and lock it down for privacy. I’ve also gotten in the habit of running a custom script to delete my entire Facebook history and activity every 2 months or so.

Pinterest intrigues me as I am a visual person. I feel like I can scan more topics in a shorter time. But let’s be honest: that’s when I’m scanning for geekness and humorous graphics. There’s a great amount of humor in those pins.  Some of the pins veer well off course. My Pinterest URL is

YouTube recently has become a common platform for me. Teaching online graduate courses is very text based; there’s a lot of reading and writing for both the students and me. I’ve been using YouTube to post short videos for students to help raise the level of engagement and allow me to use more non-verbal communication in teaching.

My blog (what you’re reading now) is for more complex thoughts and dialogues on issues. These may be new ideas, reviews and comments of other’s ideas or informational snippets — all with the intention to provide a different perspective and some broader understanding. I hope that these thoughts can be combined with others to spawn new ideas. Verbosity is an issue for me so any “rules” about short blurbs on blogs are already out the window. I don’t update this blog often because I write when I’m inspired by a topic, not because I’m trying to publish regularly. I’ve been posting all my class materials to the site for the graduate level classes I teach. This gives anyone the chance to read the materials and use it.

My overall website was my first foray into the online world. It also provides me simple email address that doesn’t change and a home for my blog. I’ve had it since the late 1990’s and suspect the domain ownership will remain within the family. Really, how many people want that aren’t related to me?

Tumblr is the newest platform for me. I’ve set it up to mirror some of my website posts, and I post some unique content as part of my exploration of the site. Still not certain how I’d roll this into my regular use so I’m still lukewarm about the platform.  It seems to be a haven for things not approved elsewhere (NSFW) yet a bit tamed from Reddit.

Snapchat is another new platform for me.  I’m still exploring this to learn it some more.  Let me know of people you think are worth following.  My username is kreoibtehrtory.

FourSquare and Swarm are “help you stalk me” platforms. I run hot and cold with it. I’ll go for a few weeks checking in, and then drop it for a few more weeks with no activity. I’ve stopped using it and removed it from my devices so it will be passive for quite a while.  The biggest issue I have with the platform is the lack of any benefit back to me.

Google+ is not so new anymore. I’ve found it really hard to get into using G+, which is a shame since I like the other Google products.  I’m less a fan of how Google uses all your meta-data to sell ads so I am using the Google products less and less.  I find myself paying more for products that don’t sell my information. My Google+ profile is essentially rigged for silent running; I’m not active on it but haven’t shut it off yet.

Instagram is a quirky photo capture and post application. I really enjoyed it until the end of 2012 when Instagram was bought by Facebook and made the huge mistake change in their terms of service. I’ve stopped using the application but I’m keeping the account open. I’ve decided that I may “park” unused social platform accounts but I won’t close them anymore.

Flickr is a much better photo sharing platform now that Yahoo is spending time updating it. Flickr’s features of copyright, sharing, keywords, and locations make it a much more solid platform. I don’t use it anymore as I just don’t post as many images as I used to. The images I post are most often memes on Pinterest.

I was invited to Ello.  I’m trying it out but don’t see much to it yet.  Like Google+, it is tough trying out a new platform — which comes first: the platform, the content or the users?  Without a good mix of all three, a social site isn’t that attractive.

Here at the end of the list is Reddit.  I like the concept of an edgy platform where content and commentary run loose.  I go back to try Reddit about once a year.  The format doesn’t work well for the way I think, but I respect many people who find Reddit a good place to see what is about to break and trend.

A note on I like to track on so many different topics that it is hard to keep up with the content. I’ve use to help me with curation of content and finding things of interest. You’re see if is still going at

I hope this gives you a better understanding of how I use each. Cheers!