About Keith

Keith's Head ShotKeith Robertory is one of those people that enjoys the interface of emergency management, technology and people. Standing on this interface is like being in twilight. It is neither all dark nor all light, but instead swirling mixture of brights and shadows. Some things work, other things don’t — and that can change each time. The impassionate machine doing the bidding of the human machine which, in turn, is not quite certain how to command it. Now crash about it the environmental variables found in natural and human-caused disasters and you’re in for one memorable challenge.

Keith has been with the Red Cross in number of positions since 1997, and has been in the technology industry since the mid-80s. The details of his professional history can be viewed on his LinkedIn profile.

Based on his experience in the field, Keith teaches graduate level classes regarding technology and disasters at the George Washington University and Johns Hopkins University. Keith also presents and attends a number of conference annually to keep learning from others.

Keith lives in Northern Virginia with his understanding wife, two loving children and fuzzy dog.

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