My thoughts on Craig Fugate’s IAEM Keynote

It is always a pleasure to hear Craig Fugate, the FEMA Administrator, talk at conferences.  He has a no nonsense approach that is a breath of fresh air.  Fugate is not afraid to speak his mind and talk openly.  This write up is based on his keynote address at the International Association of Emergency Managers conference in November 2010.  You can view the blow by blow reporting by searching for #IAEM on Twitter.

At the IAEM conference, Craig Fugate made a point that has really stuck with me.  I would tag it as a perspective changer.  It isn’t a radical change that requires a huge effort to agree with, it only requires a person to look at something from another point of view.  Granted it can be easier to move mountains then change some people’s perspectives, and then implementation is a whole other step.

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