Apple Watch and Google Glass

I stopped wearing a watch when I got in the habit of checking my cell phone or looking at a wall clock for time.  I’ve also stopped wearing accessories (bracelets, rings, earrings and so on).  Really, at this time in my life, I’ve also stopped wearing ties.  The JawBone UP24 didn’t even stay on my wrist as It got in the way when I typed.

Google Glass and Apple Watch
Google Glass and Apple Watch

My big debate when the Apple Watch was announced was if I would wear it.  Dropping $400 on something I may or may not use is a tough call.  I already tried Google Glass and it didn’t stick. Continue reading Apple Watch and Google Glass

Becoming a Glass Explorer

Yesterday was the “big day”. I caught the train up to New York City to pick up my Google Glass. Yes, I’m now officially a Glass Explorer. It all started with one simple tweet:



and then this response from Project Glass:

Ever hear the question: “What does the dog do when it finally catches the car it has been chasing?” That’s how I felt when I read that tweet. With excitement mixed in. That same combination of feelings followed me the entire train ride up to New York City.


Google Glass's office in NYC
Google Glass’s office in NYC

I walked into the Google Glass office at least an hour and a half before my scheduled appointment time. The setup of their office made Apple stores look cluttered. The entire office is designed for the glass introduction, and they did a good job. There’s no reason to be late when travelling and it sure beats waiting at home to be just in time. The staff there was welcoming and in no time at all, I was on the floor with my very own Googler introducing me to Glass.