The Galaxy Tab and use in disasters

Samsung Galaxy Tab being heldThe Galaxy Tab has been in my hands for the past few weeks.  It is a tablet that uses the Android O/S and is about half the size of an iPad.  Connectivity for the one I’m using is through a built-in Verizon cellular chip.

My team and I were discussing the Galaxy.  The best summary we could find is that it is a great device if you can find the problem it solves.  My team and I are all equipped with some form of a Blackberry device, Dell laptop and cellular broadband.  So the question is where would this fit in our tool box?

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Language Translating Software

Flags from different countries

The global scope of the Haiti response has brought together people from around the world to Haiti.  Haitian Creole is the primary language in Haiti and is spoken by 12 million people (  French is the other major language in Haiti which is the ninth most spoken language in the world.  Responding agencies that need to interact with Haitians needs to speak either of these languages.  French is already common language handled by translation software.  The Haitian Creole language gap has lead to surge of translation software to convert from other languages to Haitian Creole.  While this can be helpful, it is not complete solution unto itself.  

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