After NG911 comes the Social Media Cruncher

Graphic of Call 911Emergency Management magazine (May/June 2010) stated there are so many different standards for call takers that “it’s nearly impossible to identify specific, all-encompassing issue or problem” to create national standard.  The same article showed timeline history of 911.  In 1967, President Johnson recommended single phone number to reach Police.  In 1972, the FCC recommended that 911 be the universal emergency number.  In 1999, President Clinton designating 911 as the national emergency number.  That’s long time considering phones were stationary.  Now people are on the move.  The FCC’s National Broadband Plan includes an element to start accepting multiple methods to call in to the Next Generation system (NG911).  Details of this can be reviewed at  This is great idea but the key engine in the middle is missing.  There are more than 6,180 public safety access points (PSAPs) in the United States.  PSAP is where your 911 call gets routed to based on the location of the phone (either landline or cell) that you are at.  How will they route photo or text message that isn’t geo-located? Continue reading After NG911 comes the Social Media Cruncher