Cuban religious music

One of the most immediately striking things that I’ve witnessed is how the Cubans have integrated a very lively music to their service.  Once they get a hold of a song, they add more life to it then the original source.  I listened to a few of the songs after visiting Cuba and I just couldn’t take how slow it was.  Here are some videos just to give you a taste of what I heard.  Some day I may get around to adjusting the audio quality to bring up the treble.




The following clip is bad video so just listen to the audio.  One evening, Mark was asking Isabelle about how the Cubans make their music.  Specifically the song “Lord I lift Your name on high”.  Two people sat down at the piano and performed the following after one quick run through on the standard slow version that most people are familiar with.  Look closely at the keyboard and you’ll see the shadows of four hands.