Holiday mailing lists = disaster communications plan

I try to remind people every year that dusting off and updating the holiday mailing list is a good time to update their disaster communication’s plan.  Include on the list the names and toll free numbers for banks, insurance, loans, and utilities.  Don’t include the account numbers as you will probably know enough about your account that they can find the details for you.  These are recommended because if your house is burned down or swept away in floods, you’re still paying for the utilities until you close the account — even if the home is not there anymore.

Once you’ve updated all the information, print out a list of all your contacts and put a copy in each car plus one at home. 

I find the car’s trunk a good storage place for this type of information because I’m one of those that always has my car nearby.  Urban commuters that use mass transit should consider using a smaller, tighter font for a one pager that can be kept in whatever they carry.  People walk into my office regularly saying their phone didn’t charge overnight.  Once your phone battery is dead, any information stored there is useless.