My bag of holding

From time to time, I pull something out of my bag and folks wonder just what I carry in it.  So here is the contents of my bag that I carry with me nearly everywhere.  It is my home, commute, work, disaster and COOP bag.

Picture of the contents in my every day laptop bag.

I start with a Timbuk2 messenger bag.  Unlike most messenger bags that are horizontal (wider than tall), this bag is vertical (taller than wide).  It is TSA friendly too with a separate laptop compartment.  I looked at their site and it might not be made anymore.

Top left of the table is a USB clip extender.  This handy doodad clips the USB aircard to the top of the monitor for better signal reception.

Two power supplies for the laptop.  The left one is 12v DC and the right one is 110v 90w.

The silver thing in the middle of the top row is Imodium.  Because when it is needed, it is needed right away.

Two standard micro-USB chargers.  All my USB chargeable devices are standardized on the micro USB.

Near the standard charges are two USB blocks.  The bullet shaped one is for 12v to USB.  The square one is 110v to USB.

The far right of the table is a couple micro USB cables, and one mini USB cable.

Next row start at the business cards.  Note the high quality business card holder.

Pens, assorted.  One of those is really a pencil.

Nail clippers.  Also cuts cable ties, hanging threads, and anything else that needs a nip.

USB aircard.  This one happens to be a 4G Verizon card.

Surge protector.  Three 110v outlets and two USB outlets.  Handy when the hotel or airport only has space for one plug.  The short extension cord goes with this so the other wall outlet isn’t blocked.

Bluetooth mouse.  There is only so much of a touch pad that one can tolerate.  Honestly though, my wife uses that more then I do.

USB sticks.  The black one is an IronKey for sensitive data.  The other two are for file movement only.  I don’t store data on unprotected USB sticks.  Risk of theft/loss is too great.  IronKey moved all the secure USB products to Imation.

Finally, the bottom left of the picture: headsets.  Two are simple listen only.  One has a microphone for phone calls.  They break or get lost so often, that I keep stashing more in the bag.

Not shown:



Extra laptop battery

Note pad … I mean paper, not electrified or anything.



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